Join advantage

1、 To provide male Ran brand authorization

2、 Professional store image design and brand image design

3、 To provide in-store culture promotional materials and business positioning

4、 To provide a complete set of brand VI manual

5、 To provide a sound marketing system guidance

6、 To provide a strong media support and network promotion services

7、 To provide fast and timely logistics and distribution system

8、 To provide professional after-sales consultants

Join conditions

1、 Franchisees must have the legal personality, have the risk of investment and legal capacity

2、 Have a good reputation, industry reputation and personal morality

3、 Familiar with building materials market, have rich channel resources and certain channel influence in the region

4、 With sufficient liquidity and adequate enough space;

5、 Agree with "Xiong Ran" business philosophy, safeguard the "Hung Ran" brand image, the company can perform the contract and policies, and actively cooperate with the company responsible for the relevant departments

6、 The market has a deeper understanding and analysis, with a certain sales management capabilities

7、 Promised not to disclose any commercial brand and trade information and security

8、 Franchisees interested in the building materials industry, ambitious, brand awareness

9、 Franchisees on the building materials industry has some experience in the distribution, with a certain degree of regional management capabilities and market development capabilities (store resources are preferred)

10、 Franchisee must be a local registered legal person (subject to the provisions of the local business sector)

11、 Franchisees must have a certain financial strength

Joining process

1、 Apply for joining

2、 The company know the customer (customer fill in the application form)

3、 Regional manager inspection

4、 Customers understand the company joined the policy

5、 The development of contract content

6、 Sign

7、 Store image design

8、 Store decoration

9、 product planning display

10、 The image of the distribution of goods

11、 Opening marketing plan

12、 Opened

Join Hotline: 0573-85808518 / 13388633403