Ascension Decoration is decoration, production and sales in China. The main products are wall siding, ceiling, floor, kitchen, decorative line and decorative painting.

   Ascension Decoration, 20 years of hard work, only for the quality of living experience. The company is committed to creating a comfortable living environment for you (home improvement, tooling), interior design, materials procurement, construction budget, after-sales service four in one high-quality service enterprises.

   Company factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. A collection of first-class design R & D team, walk in the most fashionable frontier of the moment, decorative lines, decorative painting, extrusion assembly line 10, the company also independent research and development production and sales of the whole cabinet , Wardrobe, flooring and other decoration materials.

   We produce a wide range of products, only to open a colorful quality of life.

   The use of ecological materials and polymer membranes, the use of advanced production technology one-time hot and cold pressure bonding technology molding, production of healthy and environmentally friendly products, natural texture, excellent performance.

   Integrated wall with its integrated, freely combined, fully functional and highly respected.

   With original series, wood series, wallpaper series, stone series, high-end series of thousands of colors, with quick installation, environmental health, waterproof, thermal insulation, fashion and other characteristics of the wood, stone and related wall Excellent substitute for decorative materials.

   The use nanotechnology production of decorative materials,rough housing can be installed directly, without the smell, that is installed. Beautiful fashion colors, easy to create Chinese, European, American, modern minimalist, mix and match all kinds of nowadays the most popular decoration style.

   Products can be widely used in indoor home, offices, administration buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, KTV and other entertainment decoration.

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