Service Process:

First. The pre-sale service:

     Information consultation on material purchase (product color, specification, price, performance), construction budget, logistics and delivery

Second. The sale of services:

     A. Construction services:

      ● Professional leveling of the ground: coupled with fast-high sand rack, leveling the ground to increase the toughness of the cement and ground flatness, the ground level and very quiet effect.

      ● Professional ground measurement: Ascension Decoration above construction workers detailed measurement, and on the ground sand, tide, concave, convex, crack and other five major problems provide a professional solution

      ● Professional moisture-proof treatment of the ground: the selection of high-quality PEP moisture-proof treatment, mutual bonding between moisture-proof pad to effectively solve the infiltration of the ground moisture to the floor above, to eliminate the floor arch.

      ● Skilled and comprehensive installation skills: Ascension Decoration installers choose the best installation method and suspension laying method according to different environments and floors, and World-friendly installers can always adapt to local conditions due to "material" application.

      ● Professional installation process: All installers after rigorous training before certification, standardization of operations, unlimited extension of the practical value of the floor.

    B. Design services:

      Hire a professional designer for your meticulous design, to create your own fashion taste.

Third. After-sales service

      Product logistics information inquiries, the return of the issue of processing, product quality problems and other aspects of the content